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Al-Ghashiya interpretation

Al-Ghashiya interpretation The number of its marks 26 (No 1-26) A makeya {1-16} {Bismillah Rahman Rahim is ATAC modern Ghashiya * such * then faces his exhausting working *

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استغفر الله العظيم واتوب اليه
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Mmyaz Al-Ghashiya interpretation

Al-Ghashiya interpretation

The number of its marks 26 (No 1-26)
A makeya

{1-16} {Bismillah Rahman Rahim is ATAC modern Ghashiya * such * then faces his exhausting working * praying * garrison of NARA are watered into real-time * no food except darya * don't pile up and sing hunger * soft * then faces for their happy * high * not hear paradise where NULL * ongoing * are appointed with raised beds * theme * cups and cushion matrix * wezrabi scattered}

Conditions on the day of resurrection will be glorified and its horrors, and it's the biggest cloud with her difficulties living creatures, they make up for their work, and who [until] two teams: teams in paradise, a team in the fire.

They tell about the description of both groups, said in [description] folks fire: {object then}: Doomsday {such} from humiliation and scandal and shame.

{Working his exhausting}: taabeh in agony, not to their faces, and cloud their faces.

And potentially to [:] {object then such workers opposed him} the minimum being lower in acts of worship and work, folks, but for the non-dash is faith, doomsday awry, and this possibility and it is true in terms of meaning, it is indicated by the context of the speech, but right first probability is indisputable, because he trusts the circumstance, the day of resurrection, and that meant here describe folks fire generally, probability part few folks shot for her family; since speech in a way people when Was it not Ghashiya subjected to conditions in minimum.

And saying: {pray NARA garrison} any: its free, takes them seriously everywhere, {are watered from into real-time} i.e.: hot heat {and they call for the help of yghathwa in water as time grilling faces} this here.

And either their q {no food except darya not pile up and sing hunger} and that intended to eat one of two things: either that fills her hunger and pain, removes it and either pile up his body emaciated, this food is not something of these things, but food is extremely bitter and stinking foul Act ask God wellness.

As philanthropists, their faces doomsday {soft}: they were healthy Bliss, body, and she be lit their faces ndart, were pleased pleasure.

{Search} the minimum good deeds and charity to the worshipers of God, having found {content} saved multiplier reward, commended the anxiety, and got them each wishlist, it {in Paradise} University of all types of bliss, {high} in them and their homes, replaced at the top, and they raised their dwellings, with rooms above rooms rooms were built on what God has prepared for them dignity.

{Its selections rocked}: delicious fruits, many fruitful good fruits, easy handling, so any measure: if they do not need to ramp up a tree, or hard to them fruit.

{You do not hear them}: {null} any paradise: the word Twitter and void, as well as speak, taboo, but what is good [useful] Flash remembering Allaah, and blessings they frequent, and [to] literature recommended cohabitees who facilitated the hearts, and explains the publication.

{Where into ongoing} this name any sex: where ongoing eyes explode and who dismissed women how they like it, and I wanted to.

{Where raised beds} and "the secret" collection "bed" which is high in the Councils themselves, since by soft brushes low-lying

{Cups placed} i.e. Awan is full of delicious drinks, have put their hands and prepared for them, and under their selection, their newborn the endless cruising.

{And cushion matrix}: walastbrk silk cushions and other than not only teach God, arrayed to sit and the reclining on them, and may ease that make them, and they describe her themselves.

{Wezrabi scattered} appliances, carpets [:] or charity, scattered rugs: filled out their boards on each side.

{17.26} {Not perceive how camels and sky created * how * and how mountains were erected and the land how she fell * stated but you evocative * not * dominant they only pay and Kafr * larger * then torture him God that torment us from * then we freelancers}

Allaah says to those who do not believe urged the Prophet, and to other people, should carefully ponder the creatures of God function unification: {don't see how I created camels}: Ella perceive created Budaya, and how God has marshalled to his slaves, and lowered her to the many immigrants are forced to.

{And the mountains how installed} with remarkable authority, by the stability and persistence of unrest, and where benefits deposited [lofty] deposited.

{And land how she fell}: broad, extended and facilitated the tide very convenience, 49.62 living creatures on her back, and they tilled weghrasha, architecture, and behavior of the access roads to the kinds of purposes.

I know that it is not flattened, round ball took the circuits in all its aspects, as evidenced by transportation and reason and common sense and watch, as is stated unknown when more people, especially in these times, which stop people deferring more of what God gave them reason to close for long, but contrary to the spherical body flatness micro, which if the surface is left a little rotation.

And either body Earth is very large and broad, flat, or incompatible kroya, also known as ' experience.

{Stated but you evocative}: the folks said, and warned them and their preaching have provided their happiness, you Envoy to invite creation to God and remind them, they did not send a dominant, hanging their client, if you have what you need, don't you plume, as Almighty: {and you them Jabbar said the Koran is afraid and ID}.

And saying: {only from Kafr}: but take on obedience and Kafr God {Allah the greatest agony then torture him}: permanent, severe {to us from}: creature and putting them back in the day of resurrection.

{Then that we freelancers}, we get even with them on what worked well and evil.

Another interpretation of Sura Al-Ghashiya, thankfully the Lord of the worlds

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