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Interpretation of the Qur'an "2"

{26-27} {God does not blush that exemplify what mosquito and above, those who believed they knew it right from their Lord and the unbelievers say what God wants with this

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Newj Interpretation of the Qur'an "2"

{26-27} {God does not blush that exemplify what mosquito and above, those who believed they knew it right from their Lord and the unbelievers say what God wants with this e.g. strayed considerably and often presents and left only unscrupulous * who they attack God after its Charter and cut what is God doing that connects vitiated in Earth those who lost}

Says God {Allah does not blush that exemplify what} any: any like it {mosquito above} inclusion of Proverbs with wisdom, and clarification of the right, and God does not blush from the right, in that, in response to denied beating proverbs in despicable things, and objected to God. It is not that objectionable. It is from God to worship education and mercy to them. It must receive acceptance and Thanksgiving. This said: {either who believed they knew it right from their Lord} then they understand her, speculating.

The learned what it included, in detail, so their knowledge and belief, but learned it right, right, and that included hidden them in right knowledge that God did not beat her in vain, but of great wisdom, and grace panacea.

{And the unbelievers say what God wants with this e.g.}, objected and they hesitate, they are getting to their disbelief, Kafra and the believers believing their faith, and this he said: {strayed considerably and often presents} this way believers and unbelievers when disembarking Quranic verses. Said: {If dropped from surah it says your every straddle this belief, those who believed, she added them believing they were cantoned and who disease in their hearts to their filth and squalor she added them died as Avron} is the greatest blessing on his slaves from disembarking Quranic verses, and with this the plight of folk and puzzled [and its error] and more evil to their evil, and grant folk [mercy] and increased benefit to welfare, glory of vaut between cult and enjoyed with guidance and the misleading.

Then he mentioned the wisdom of the fool them misleading and that amended it glorified said: {and strayed only unscrupulous}: outlaws from obedience to God; The relentless messengers of God; Who has debauchery as; It does not want it instead, if their misleading not almighty wisdom suitability for Huda, also required wisdom and virtues of Hedayat and characterized by belief in good deeds.

Debauchery are of two types: type exit from religion, debauchery requirement out of faith; As mentioned in this verse, etc, and the type is a way out of faith in the Almighty: {Oh dear who believed that brought you the news that it saw punk} [verse].

Then unscrupulous Description: {who they attack God after Charter} and this is the Covenant between him and them and between them and worship them charters by heavy and co, not indifferent to those charters; But they destroy her, leaving his orders and commit gatherings; And the Covenants they break between them and the creation.
{And cut what is God doing that connects} this enters many things, God ordered us to get us and him by faith and by his bondage play, and between us and the goodwill of faith and love and his rebuke, rights, and between us and the parents and relatives and friends; And all of creation to those rights which God ordered that there.

Either the believers, who is God that connects these rights, and they have done, and either the Libertines, cut, and were behind their backs; Matadin by enjoining and alienation; And work with the rebellions; : Corruption in the Earth.

P {those} IE: of these as {who lost} and in the hereafter, inventory loss including; Since their loss in every situation; No kind of profit because every job for police faith; It is not a belief does not work; This circumstance is the loss of blasphemy, and either circumstance which might be disbelief; It might be a sin; Compromise may be desirable to leave, mentioned in the Koran: {man of the lost} this year for every creature; Only characterized by faith and good deeds; And the advising right; And the advising patient; The fact too well; Which [was] slave was received and is under it.

{28} and Allah said: {how they hide in God and you are dead, then kill you and then regenerated you then greets him they return}

This exclamation and question the meaning of reprimand and denial: how have you disbelieving in God; Who created you from scratch; And softer varieties you blessings; Then kill you when you complete your terms; And reward you in the grave; Then greets after the Baath walnshor; Then they return mechanism; Full sanction then chastise you, if you are at his disposal; And procuring; And his righteousness; Under the religious orders; And then under penal religion; Avilik you to they cover him; Is this not a great ignorance and sadly crap? But befitting you to believe him and they avoid him and they thank him and fear of his punishment; And they hope for reward.

{29} {is who created you in all of territory to the sky, then level indicated seven skies is everything Alim}

{Is who created you what on Earth all}: you created, and mercy, by road to all on the ground, to use and enjoy prestige.

In this verse the great evidence that the original licence and stuff, because it is cited in purity exhibition gratitude, so the impurities, the [outlawing also] taken from the tenor of the verse, and knowing the intended, and that helped us to create, including damage, it is outside, and fully his grace, prevented us from the impurities, elevated us.

And saying: {then level into the sky, seven other skies is everything Alim}

{Level} appears in the Qur'an on three meanings: either no encroachment on craftsmanship, have meaning, perfection and completeness, as saying about the Muse: {as full-blown wastoi} or the meaning of "OLA" and "rose" and that if ' einy "Almighty" as in: {then level the throne} {to mature to appear} or the meaning of "intention" as if ' einy "to" as in this verse, i.e.: for creating exalted land, In order to create the heavens {you indicated seven heavens} it created and governance, and mastered, {is everything Alim} p {knows what surf on Earth and what comes out of them and descend from heaven and limp where} and {knows what they conceal and what they tell} knows the secret and concealed.

Often coupled between the creation and prove his knowledge as in this verse, as in the Almighty: {only know from creating a subtle} because of his creatures, a telling proof of his knowledge, and wisdom, and ability.
{30-34} {And the angels I said Lord gaal in Earth Khalifa said atgal from rotting and spill blood we praising praised you and cherish you said I know what you don't know *, Adam names all then paraded the angels said they convey to me the names of those that you are honest * saying we have no knowledge of not only taught you you Aleem Hakim * said Hey Adam announce their names since they rebuked them with their names said less pain to you I know gheb heaven and Earth and know what you reveal and what you said and you hide. The angels to Adam, they worshipped God not genuflect Lucifer Abe and be proud of the infidel}

This attempted thanks Adam (peace be upon him) said Abe humans that God created the angels while Arad, and told that his appointing as successor in the land of God.

She said the angels have peace: {atgal from corrupting them} with the offenses {and spill blood} [and] this allocation after the circulation, a [very] spoiler murder, such as thought that the Caliph almgoul land happens to do so, they consider too exalted for Bari, and they glorified him, and told that they are worshipping God in free from corrupting said: {we praising praised you} any decent we deem far above you: the elevated praised you and your greatness, {and cherish you} likely meaning: And we glorify you, LAAM is useful for customization and loyalty, and potentially: cherish you ourselves, namely: we clean her beautiful moral, as God's love and fear and maximize, household income, and we clean her ethics of Vice.

The angels of Allaah said: {I know} of this Caliph {what you don't know}; because your as zonntm, and I'm a world phenomena and the designs, and know that good progress in creating this Caliph, times times in within that evil if it wasn't, but that God wanted to cull them prophets and friendly, and martyrs and the righteous, and to recite for creation, appears and gets from the yokes that did not receive without creating this Caliph, Such as Jihad and other, and shows what ambushed instincts Adam of good and evil, examination and found an enemy of his guardian, and his party of the bayonet, and appear like in the same jokes from evil, which was groundbreaking, these great judgement, sufficient one.

Then the angels say peace be upon them, a reference to the Caliph made him God on Earth, God, wanted to show their thanks Adam, know its virtues, and completeness of the wisdom of God and knowing p {knew Adam names all}: names of things, and what is named by, and named his name, i.e.: words and meanings, so Scopus names as the bowl, miniature kalksiah.

{Then paraded}: view nomenclature {Angels} test them, you know?.

{Said they convey to me the names of those that you are honest} in effect and your expectations, you're better than this Caliph.

{They not} IE: of our objection we deem far above you, you and your order. {Don't know} way {unless taught} him, as well as your presence, {you Aleem Hakim} Aleem, which took note of everything, don't miss and yazib whit in the heavens and the Earth, and the smaller and larger.

Wise: a fully wisdom not deviate creature, and countered by the warden, created something not for wisdom: there is something not to wisdom, and wisdom: the thing in its proper place, acknowledged, recognized flag of God and his wisdom, and limitations on what the lowest thing, and confessing thanks God for them; And teach them what don't know.

Then God said: {Hey Adam announce their names} any nomenclature: names presented by the angels of God; It failed, {since they rebuked them names} shows the angels thanks Adam them; Wisdom and knowledge in Bari presidential this Caliph, {said less pain to you I know the heavens and the Earth gheb} is absent from us; Why not, if a world unseen; Certificate, a fortiori, {I know what you reveal}: they killed {what you you hide.}

Then they glorified by the worship of Adam; Sake and maximize; And enslavement to Allaah, so they followed is God; And took all by the adoration, {but Lucifer ABI} abstained prostrate; And be proud about is God and Adam said: {genuflect to create mortars} this parents and arrogant; As a result of blasphemy, which is the introvert; It then found its hostility to him and Adam and his be arrogant, Infidel.

In these verses of lessons and verses; Proving the speech of Allaah; He was still speaking; Says what he wants; And speak to wills; It is a wise and well-informed, that if the supervisor çáúèï wisdom of God in some creatures, almamorat, alogb him; Delivery; The accusation that his mind; And recognition of his wisdom, which God care about angels; And his kindness to them; They have no knowledge of what education; And alerting them to not teach.

And the virtues of science objects:

From: that God knows his angels; With his knowledge and wisdom: God known thanks to Adam science; And it's the best in the Al and alia: that God dealt with the worship of Adam; To honor him; Since that thanks to his knowledge, including: that exam to others; If they did they tried him; Then learn the virtue; It is more complete than ever since, including: account if the parents of possession and the Jinn; Statement of thanks Adam; And credits God; And enmity Lucifer him; Other lessons.
{35-36} {We said Hey Adam, you and your husband paradise Baskin and each result where you wanted it does not recognize this tree be unjust * Satan made them their eternity, than they are and we have some some enemy land and land you in the stable and possessions until}

Since God created Adam and virtues; Completed his grace him; That the creation of the lodge's wife; Prorogation; And ordered them to a residential paradise; And eating them affluence; Any: broad congratulate, {where you wanted} IE: of fruit and fruit varieties; And God said to him: {that you not hungry or undressing and you do not tzoma nor sacrifice}

{Do not recognize this tree} kind of paradise tree; God knows best, but prohibited them from test and trial [or unknown wisdom to us] {it be from oppressors} del that prohibition to prohibition; Because the rank injustice.

It is still their enemy whispers and decorate them address regarding it; Even their eternity, namely: carrying on with its decor slippage. {And their divisor} in God {I also for PA} then they be deceived by him and they followed him; It made them than the bliss and the affluent; And reduce fatigue and the monument to Dar es Salaam and mujahid.

{Some of some enemy}: Adam and his descendants; Enemies of Lucifer and his descendants, it is known that the enemy; Find and diligent harm enemies and evil delivery mechanism in every way; And goodness in every way, within this, warning Adam of Satan as the God {Satan you enemy of their enemy, but calls for his party to be of the flame} {afttkhzonh and his descendants of Denis ' parents are you enemy of good riddance to oppressors rather}

Then he most alahbat to Earth, said: {and you land stable}: Condo decision, {and possessions until} expiry of your terms, then you are for the House you made them, and you have created, in this life, casual, temporary, not a real home, but is equipped for crossing the Eldar, and live longer.

{37} {received Adam}

{It received Adam}: grabbed and teach, and inspire God {from Rob words} they say: {Lord iniquities ourselves} verse, pleaded guilty and asked God forgiveness {, TABB} {it} Allah and mercy {he tawab} to repent and served.

And his contrition are two: first, and then accept the grace to repent if their conditions met.

{Rahim} to worship, and mercy to them, repent, and be accorded them pardoned them and sheet.

{38-39} {We drop them all either yatinkm Mona guided it followed my guidance, does not fear them nor grieve and unbelievers and lied Lord those owners which are eternal fire}
Repeat to make it alahbat, and is stated as saying: {either yatinkm Mona guided}: anytime and anytime ãúôñ did you me-Oh the slowness-Huda, IE: Messenger and present the book to me, weidnikm me near you; Weidnikm of Rezai, {it followed my direction} you, that secure rusli and bookish, were guided by them, and that ratification by all messengers and books online, and compliance and the prevention of forbidden command, {don't fear them nor grieve}

In another verse: {it follow my guidance, does not remain in yshki}

It provides a guidepost four things:

Fear and grief denied and difference, that the abomination that was passed, the latest of grief, and anticipated, newest fear, denied them who follow the guidepost if they fall off, got them, and is full security, as well as denied and who follow the guidepost in delusion and if they fall off proved against them, Huda and happiness, than follow the guidepost, got him security and earthly happiness and Huda walakhroet, and defeated him all hated, fear, grief, and the error, Misery, he gets his desired, and rushed by the dreaded, and the reverse did not follow the guidepost, Kafr, and lied to recite.

P {those owners fire}: the followers, accompanying her Sidekick, and opposing to his rival, {hmm where endless} not exiting, their suffering does not falter nor are they support.

In these verses and bookbinding, split to create the Jinn and humans, to happiness, and the suffering people, and those qualities and business groups, and Faerie circumscribing as humans in reward and punishment, as they like, and prohibition.

Then proceeded to the Almighty Israel them little Benny grace and his charity, said:

{40-43} {Ya Bani Israel that has you remember neamati and fulfilled General of covenants and me, arhbon * and believe in what you were certified nor you first Kaffir not buy slightly and me with my lessons then piety * and they line right wrong and they keep a secret right and you know *: prayer and Zakat and came with the kneeling bow (down)}

{Ya Bani Israel} to Israel: Jacob (peace be upon him), and discourse with Israel, who built the city and its environs, and enters them came after them, he ordered General command, said: {the depth you remember neamati} includes other graces which will be remembered in this Sura, to mention heart recognition, praise, and by the members has to use likes and satisfaction.

{And fulfilled my} which custody of faith, and by his prophets and a Bill.

{Of General} and is the reward.
And to do so: to God saying: {God has built our Charter and Israel them twelve servicemen and said God I with you while you re-established prayer [Zakat and that believing ye might have you by rusli]} to: {it astray either way}

Then ordered them to cause them to meet the carrier's custody, a dread of Almighty God, and his unit, the fear he has ordered told to avoid compliance with fear.

Then ordered them to special order, which is not of their faith, and only by true: {and believed what down} is Qur'an which inflicted on Abdu and Prophet Muhammad PBUH, ordered them to faith, and his followers, however, requires faith, download it, and stated that for their faith, said: {certified for with you}: agree it doesn't contravene in contrary, if in agreement with the books, but its odds; I don't mind your faith, because according to what the senders, you first secure and certified by him, for being eligible books and science.

Also, in saying: {certified for with you} indicates that you do not believe, that you have returned, what with you disbelieve, because its is the Moses, Jesus and other prophets, your refutation is disbelieving for you.

And also, in the books that go for you, as this Prophet who brought the quran and the Gospels, did not believe it, you lay down some, and lied to you with some of the download mechanism, they lied to the Association, also Kafr with Messenger, all of whom had lied to the Apostles.

Since their faith, prevented them and warned them against him is disbelief by: {there you first godless by} any: Messenger and the Koran.

And in saying: {first godless by} reported: {and they cover him} because if they were the first Kaffir, when their initiative to blasphemy, contrary to what should be of them, and they have become sins and unrighteousness of their ruler.

Then their faith said Mana, choose minimum width to eternal happiness, said: {not buy slightly with my examples} which get them food, which positions who interrupted, that believe in God and his Messenger, Allah and they liked her, they purchased Bayat and they be or become rich her.

{Me} any: Gieri {then piety} you if you fear God God, tkwah, stipulates that you provide to recite faith, little pricey if you chose the price a little, it is a guide to deport piety of your hearts.

Said: {and they face}: they combine {right wrong and they keep silent right} it prevented them from two things, for mixing the right shoulder and right wrongs, because folks are intended, books and scientific distinction the right to, and show the right, so the find Guide, because the lost, and the argument on the intractable; because God separated its obvious, recite the know right from wrong, and check for the guided way criminals, this work of scholars, it is one of the successors of the Apostles and guidepost of Nations.

And confusion right wrong, it did not distinguish this from this, knowing this, and the mute, informing, and ordered the show, he is a proponent of hell, because people do not follow a religion without their masters, they have chosen yourselves either.
Said: {and: prayer}: visible and hidden {they Zakat}, {and bow (down) with the kneeling} any: "pray with the Congregation, you if you did so with the belief in the messengers of God and ayatollahs, has you covered-business phenomenon, Al batinah, and faithfulness the adored, and charity to Obeida, between physical and financial heart of worship.

And saying: {and bow (down) with the kneeling} any: "pray with the Congregation, which is a community of prayer is obligatory, and that bow corner of prayer because it expressed by the kneeling prayer, expressing worship part thereof demonstrates its premise.

{44} {atamron people land}

{Atamron people land}: faith and goodness {and they forget yourselves}: individually so they stop her from, and the case: {book takes you not understand} and my subconscious mind because it's what one of the good, the weinakl than from anything, so that reason urges her to be the first actor to order, and the first not to terminate him, it is other well has not prevented him from doing evil, or did not have, Del not mind and ignorant, especially if a so, the argument has.

This verse, but landed in Israel, because they are generally built to each one Almighty: {Oh dear who believed did not say what are you doing large dishonoured when God to tell what you doing} and not in verse that if what is left of virtue, and enjoining, because it showed reprimand for due, otherwise it is known that humans one warranting: Command and be told, and is itself and its inhibition, leaving one, do not have a license to leave each other, the perfect human is due, and the full shortfall to fatal, and either having one without the other, nothing in the first rank, and the last is also the souls of care-givers not docile contravenes as saying do, so their imitation acts reported their imitation abstract words.

{45-48} {Use patience and prayer and it is significant only on the humble * who thought they were meeting their God and they are going to * ya Bani Israel remember neamati which examined you and Annie she choose to you on the worlds * and they avoided days are the same for the same thing-term deposits remunerated nor accept them are Al-sitteer and taken them amended nor are they support}
God ordered them to bring in all their patience of all kinds, and is impatient to obey God even performed, and patience of God disobey even leaves, and patience on the fortunes of the God ytskhtha not painful, then with the endurance and breath at what is God's patience is a great aid to each matter, and ytsabr comfort him God, and prayer is the balance of faith, and enjoins obscenity and evil, for every order of things {they} any: Prayer {large}: uphill {only the pious} it is easy to light because of AWE, and fear of God, and what it is required, please do, high chest of expectation of reward, and feared punishment, other than not, it unnecessarily invites him to, and if you do become heavier things.

And AWE is: that the heart and security, and its still to Allaah, and its breakdown between his hands, and disgrace, believing him and with his audience.

This said: {who think} i.e. they ascertain {they encounter him} then reward them with their {and they to him we return} such that eased them worship and requiring them to fool around with the sound, and the same for them, and prevented them from the Carpathians do bad deeds, they are resident in the Chambers the height Bliss, and either did not believe meet Rob, prayer and other acts of worship of the most difficult thing.

Then repeat on the Bani Israel recalled by his grace, preaching to them, and warning and urged.

And fear of doomsday that {-term deposits remunerated}, IE: don't sing {same} if the kind of selves and righteous kalanbiaa {same} if from immediate {something} clan is large or small, but good work by human.

{Not accepted}: self, one without the permission of God are Al-sitteer and satisfied with him, and the satisfaction of the work but what I want by face, and was on the way and year, {not taken them amended}: sacrifice {although who wronged in all land and like him they redeemed his poor suffering} nor accept them so {nor are they support}: pay their abomination, denied access by way of creation, saying: {Same-term deposits remunerated for the same thing} in collection of utilities, {nor are they support} this push injured, this exile for independent command by beneficial.
{Nor accept them are Al-sitteer and taken them amended} this negation of beneficial requesting who owned by ' Awadh, as justice, or otherwise, as the mediation, this requires to Al that interrupted his heart from attachment with the creatures, knowing they don't have an iota of benefit, and the importance of God which brings benefits, and pay the injured, worship him alone does not partner him weistainh to worship.

{49-57} {While we save (from) you of the Pharaoh ysomonkm slaughtered your sons and poor suffering they blush your Womens in this scourge of great mercy and as our minds so we save (from) you the sea and drowned Pharaoh and you do * and Mousa 40 night then you would have the calf after you unfair * then we forgave you thereafter you meaning * Latina Musa book Furqan may they find * and Mousa said of his people folks that you wronged yourself by taking the calf to repent kill yourselves this araekm it better for you when you araekm, that is the Tabb Tawab Rahim * you say oh Moses so you won't believe his candor, she took you see God, and ye do stun * then we sent you after your death you meaning * and you have dealt to you manna has cleared, and comfort eat of what we bestow upon you and what good they oppressed us but were themselves wronged.}

This attempt to enumerate a blessing on the Bani Israel in detail: {while we save (from) you from the Pharaoh} IE: of Pharaoh and his soldiers, but formerly {ysomonkm}: they nominate them and they use them, {bad doom}: rife that they {slaughter your sons} lest they promoted you, {and they be ashamed of your Womens}: do they kill you dead and degrading to the hard work, msthaii in which it is this very sense of humiliation, of God with full dump their enemy to escape and they were in favour of their eyes.

{In this}: alangaa {scourge}: Ihsan {of mercy great} this should you thanks and carry out his orders.
Then he closed them promise to Moses 40 night Mini-Lab them Torah with blessings and great hardship interests, then they were patient before completing a promised even worshipped the calf after him, namely: is gone.

{You unfair} were with injustice, had you argument, it is the greatest offence and more serious sin.

Then he order repentance by the Prophet Moses to kill each other, your God pardoned because it {you meaning} Allah.

{While you said Oh Moses won't believe you even believe God his profession} and this is very unjust and the courage to God and his Messenger, {, she took you stun} either death or great the faint, {ye do} occurrence, each seen author, {then we sent you after your death you meaning}

Then said his grace upon you in the maze and land free from shadows can livelihoods: {has cleared and we have you have to you manna} is an umbrella name for all livelihood good gets no fatigue, ginger and mushrooms, bread etc.

{And comfort} is a small bird with quail, good meat, it was them manna and comfort enough weikithm {eat of what we bestow upon you good}: a couple doesn't get his city folks, almtrfhine did not thank the grace, and continued the harsh hearts and many sins.

{And they oppressed us} means such offences take injurious sin because God does not, nor does it benefit the disobedience submissions are accustomed to, {but were themselves wronged.} return harm them.

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رزقكِ المولى الجنـــــــــــــة ونعيمها
وجعلـ ما كُتِبَ في موازين حســــناك
ورفع الله قدركِ في الدنيــا والآخــــرة وأجزل لكِ العطـــاء

لكِ تقديري وخالص دعواتي

مواضيع : ملك الورد

رد مع اقتباس
إضافة رد

الكلمات الدلالية (Tags)
interpretation, quran

الذين يشاهدون محتوى الموضوع الآن : 1 ( الأعضاء 0 والزوار 1)
أدوات الموضوع
انواع عرض الموضوع

تعليمات المشاركة
لا تستطيع إضافة مواضيع جديدة
لا تستطيع الرد على المواضيع
لا تستطيع إرفاق ملفات
لا تستطيع تعديل مشاركاتك

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الموضوع كاتب الموضوع المنتدى مشاركات آخر مشاركة
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