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Interpretation of the Qur'an "1"

Interpretation of the Qur'an The number of its lessons 286 (1-25) A civilian {1.5} {Bismillah Rahman Rahim pain * book certainly guided the precaution * who believe in the unseen,

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Newj Interpretation of the Qur'an "1"

Interpretation of the Qur'an

The number of its lessons 286 (1-25)
A civilian

{1.5} {Bismillah Rahman Rahim pain * book certainly guided the precaution * who believe in the unseen, living prayer and thus bestow upon us them spend and who believe in what you download and download from you webalakhrh are they ascertain * those guided by their God and those who are the successful}

Speech progress for attending. Or partial characters in early fence, safest, silence about exposure to meaning [is not a legit], with the assertion that God has not dealt in vain but wisely did not know.

And saying {book} i.e. this great book is the book on reality, containing unless included advanced and retarded wrote of great science,

And the right to set out. P {certainly} without doubt, way, denying suspicions about him, as required, against distrust and suspicion of certainty, this book may know the certainty of uncertainty and mistrust remover. This is a useful base, that negative meaning praise, must be included for him, and is perfect, because non-negative, and pure, not praise the scratch.

They included certainty and guidance were not only certainty: {Huda the avoid} and Huda: what you get by guidance from the error and the similarities, and its enlightenment to conduct useful ways. He said {Huda} and delete procedures, it did not say Huda invade this or that interest, and foo, the will of the thing, and it guided all the interests of both realms, it is a guide for people in alfroaet, and radicalization issues indicated right from wrong, and correct the weak, elaborated them how useful to them, walking on roads in the Government and they blocked them.

He said elsewhere: {Huda people} it circulated. In this position and other {Huda the avoid} because it is the same in all lines so the criminals did not lift creationism. it upside down. God did not accept Huda, undertook them by argument, their suffering did not benefit from it, and either the avoid who came to the larger cause, for guidance, and that what is piety: taking God's indignation and evaluate their torment, to comply with his orders, and avoiding prohibitions, find, and they used very usage. Said: {Oh dear who believed that they avoid God makes you proof} then the precaution are users of the Quranic verses, and cosmic verses.

Because guidance types: Hidayat statement, Hidayat conciliation. They got the directions, then the precaution and others didn't get them Hidayat conciliation. Taufik Hidayat statement without work, not real Hidayat [fully].

He then described are pious beliefs and business Al batinah, and business phenomenon, to piety so: {who believe in the unseen} Aramaic: full certification is informed by messengers, containing the top compliance, not in faith in the sense of viewing things, it does not characterize the Muslim Infidel. But in the belief in the unseen, who has not seen and did not see, but believe in him, for God and his Messenger News News. This is the faith that distinguish the Muslim infidel, because validation just for him and his Apostles. Believer believes everything that God told him, or tell his disciples, whether witness, or has not been seen and whether his understanding and his mind, or have not yet found him mind and understand. Unlike the unbelievers and the disbelievers is the invisible, because their minds did not find it deficient, delinquent lied to take to learn unless so she corrupted minds, wemrgt dreams. Commended the minds of believers authenticated the find under the guidance of God.

It is the belief in the unseen, [faith] with all what God told him the the supernatural past and future, afterlife, conditions and descriptions of God and how facts, [and informed by messengers], believe in God's presence, qualities and they be sure of her, and did not understand how.
Said: {living prayer} did not say: do prayer, or come to pray, because it is not enough to simply bring image phenomenon. The establishment of prayer, her apparent, with complete elements, and duties, and requirements. And within a spirit, is the presence of heart, and what he says and does, this prayer is that God said: {the prayer ends about obscenity and evil} which entail reward. No reward for human connections, except mind and enter into prayer and its supererogatory performance its obligations.

Said: {and thus bestow upon us them spend} enters due expenses as Zakat, and alimony for wives and relatives, Mamluke and etc. And expenditures by all ways desired. No mention of them, many spent causes and diversity of his family, because in terms of maintenance, proximity to God, and come "from" function on the Division, to alert them that no mention of them only a fraction of their money, their harmless but not OGA are burdened with the brothers spent, gain.

And in saying: {bestow upon us them} indicates that this money is in your hands, not by our own strength and decoration, but is occupied you Rizkallah, who bestow upon you, and bestowed upon you, and please also graced you to many of the cult, thank to eject some bestowed upon you, and your worst destitute.

Often glorified collects between prayer and Zakat in the Koran, because prayer included the devotion the adored, and Zakat and maintenance including charity on Obeida, the title his Excellency Al dedication the adored, and seeking the benefit of creationism, and that the title of shakawa Al not two, not sincerity and charity.

Said: {and those who believe in what you download} is the quran and Sunnah, the Almighty said: {and Allaah revealed to you the book and wisdom} then the avoid believe all the Messenger, nor does it distinguish between some of the download mechanism, some believe, nor believe in part, either bghadh or interpreted, but Murat Allah and his Messenger, nor does it do the innovators, who unlike function texts yo'olon as saying, what holds disbelief sensuAnd ratified by its form, it did not believe truly believe.
And saying: {and wrought by you} includes belief in previous books, and includes belief in the books of faith with Apostles since it included, in particular the Torah and the Gospel walzbor, these believers believe property of all the heavenly books and all the Apostles do not distinguish between one of them.

Said: {webalakhrh are they ascertain} and "the hereafter" name to be after death, and which [recalled] after Commons, because belief in the last day, one of the pillars of faith, because the greatest emitter on desire and dread and work, "certainty" is a science which is not the complete doubt, positive action.

{These}: the described those good qualities {guided by their God}: along great, because before to exaltation, and the greatest of those qualities Hidayat mentioned are valid belief and virtuous deeds and guidance [real] with, etc [which opposed her], it will end.

"Came" in this position, indicative of superiority, and the error comes "in" as in: {I or you for guided or astray shown} because the Al Huda, Huda mestal, high, and the delusion to indulge the loathed.

Said: {and those who are the successful} farmer [is] win and escape the dreaded, restricting farmer; it does not matter to the farmer but the behavior of them, except that way, it means misery and doom and circumstance which lead to the loss by its free.

{6-7} {The unbelievers they either aanzerthm or not demanding that they do not believe in God's seal on their hearts * and at the hearing on them they torment great mist and}

This truly believers qualities said, according to the qualities of their unbelief, unbelievers aspects are the die-hard Messenger said: {the unbelievers they either aanzerthm or not demanding that they do not believe in God's seal on their hearts and at the hearing on them they torment great mist and} tells God that unbelievers, i.e. demonstrated with blasphemy, wansbgua, and their description became necessary, stop at the deterrent, and preaching, yanga including they continue on their unbelief, Whether or not they aanzerthm, demanding that they do not believe, the fact is disbelief Kufr: according to the Apostle, or committed some, these infidels don't call them only a argument, and certainly for the greed of the Prophet in their faith, and you do not have, nor go TASS yourself have regrets.
Then said the barriers inhibiting their faith said: {the seal of God on their hearts and to hearing} any: printing by MCF faith character, nor does it perform, not aware of what is good, and they hear profitably.

{The find mist}: membrane and the cover and prevents them from hearing my which is good, these ways science and charity, has blocked them, not including aspiration, fine, but please have prevented this, and their doors were blocked because of their unbelief and their rejection of faith and their opposition after what turned out to have the right, also said: {and turn their hearts wabsarhm also did not believe it the first time} and this punishment.

Then said the punishment term: {they torment great} is the torment of the fire, and discontent continued Jabbar.

Then Allaah said in describing the hypocrites who outwardly they are Islam and so blasphemy:

{8-10} {And people say the other day God safe and what they believe God and who * cheat and deceive but believe in themselves and what they feel in their hearts, illness and disease have demoralized the God painful agony of what they are lying}

I know that hypocrisy is: show good and evil, armpits and included in this definition, practical alaatkadi hypocrisy and hypocrisy, as the Prophet's saying: "any junkie three: if he lied, and if the promise was dishonoured, if confidence Khan" in the novel: "If the discounter dawn"

And either hypocrisy alaatkadi filmmaker on the circle of Islam, which describe God by hypocrites in this Sura and others, not hypocrisy is present before the migration of the Prophet [Mecca] to the city, having emigrated, as signed by Badr "God believers and showed their love, also from the city who did not recognize, it showed some Islam fear and deception, and inject blood, and recognizes their money, were among the Muslims apparently showed that they were, And in fact are not.

It gently God believers, that left their conditions and as Peul descriptions, lest their believers, centralizing welinkmawa also many debauchery [God said]: {warns hypocrites, landing them Sura relate to them including their hearts} it as God out hypocrisy said: {and people say the other day God safe and are believers} they say with their tongues what is not in their hearts, their cause to lie God by saying: {what are believers} because the true faith, The heart and tongue collaborated, but this deception to him and to worship of believers.
And deception: the scammer appears to double-cross him something, and abrogate the succession so that unintended who said, these hypocrites, headed with God and worship this attitude, it returned to deceive themselves, this is Wonderland as deceptive, either to produce fraudulent gets his what he wants or recognized, or not, and they returned, they deceive, they were employed as disingenuous from themselves and their ethnical and its plot, because Allaah did not suffer to deceive [something] cult believers, Not harms as their something, it doesn't hurt the faithful showed the hypocrites, faith, recognized by their blood, and she shot and as their hand in their throats, and got them shame and scandal in the lower, and ongoing sadness because what I get for believers and Nasra.

And in the hereafter their tragic, wrenching anguish because of their unbelief and their prostitution and avoid, as they do not feel that their ignorance and their stupidity.

And saying: {in their hearts disease} and to be ill here: disease of doubt and suspicion and hypocritical, because the heart has two shows they release him from his health and his moderation: false suspicions, illness and disease the shoot the desires, doubts and disbelief and hypocrisy and contraptions, all from suspicion, adultery, and love [obscenities and] sin and do, from the desires, also said: {it conquer you heart disease} and lust of adultery, and the cure of recovered from these diseasesIt happened to him, and certainty of faith, and patience from all sin, Werfel in garments of wellness.

In say about hypocrites: {demoralized the disease in their hearts God disease} statement for wisdom in estimation of sin to the disobedience, and that because of their sins, by the mutinies afflicted by subsequent trigger sanctions also said: {and turn their hearts wabsarhm also did not believe the first} Allah said: {as they perversioned deflect God their hearts} Allah said: {and those who in their hearts disease she added them to their taboo taboo}, then punishment sin, SIN, Also reward for good, then good, Allaah said: {and than God who inspired Huda}

{11-12} {If they were told they decompose in the ground they did but we only they psychiatrist * spoiling but don't feel}

IE: If the hypocrites, for they forbade corruption on Earth, and is to serve blasphemy and Sin, and to show the design faithful to their enemy and supporters the atheist {said we psychiatrist}, combined with corruption in the Earth, and show them that not spoiling it is repair, heart of the facts, and a combination of doing wrong and felt truly, this greatest crime by committing sin, who works with the belief that they disobey this closer to safety, and noted for his return.

As in: {but we psychiatrist} accounting reform in them-in which the believers are not AHL reform — the heart of God for them to argue their case by saying: {they are spoiling} it is not the greatest havoc who blaspheme God Bayat, and repel the way of God, and God and his saints, and deceptive and warriors of God and his Messenger, he claimed, however, that this reform, it is after this corruption corruption? "but don't know good note, And that they had learned that note they play God, but's argument was work with the rebellions in Earth, distorting because it includes corruption on Earth, grain and fruit trees, and plants, where pests because of sins, and because reform in land that they live in obedience to God, faith, God's creation, and lodged them in the ground, and manage their livelihoods, they use them to obey him [of worship], if the work to him, Where corruption was in order, are what created him wakhraba.

{13} {if they believed it was the security of people is achievable as the shameless Security said only that they are the fools, but don't know}

Any: If security was secured as hypocrites, people: Cayman companions of Allaah, is faith in heart and tongue, said the alleged wrong: is achievable as the shameless security? Mean-condemned them God-sahaabah, may Allaah be pleased with them that they made them their foolishness of faith, and left home, and anti-Semitism, infidels, mind they require against this, nsbohm to the obscenity; In which they are authoritative and sane heads.

Individual that God, and tell them that they are the fools on the truth, because the fact the wasting of human ignorance, his interests in detriment, this quality applicable to them and being honest, the reason and alhaja, human knowledge the same interests, and strive with one, and [to] pay guardianship this quality applicable to [companions] faithful and honest, lesson descriptions and demonstration, not by abstract claims, and empty rhetoric.
Then Allaah said: {14-15} {if were those who believed they secure, if not to their Devils said I'm with you but we persistently mocked them sarcastic * God and those in their insolence, wandering blindly.}

This saying by their tongues what is not in their hearts, and [that] if they met with the faithful, have demonstrated that they understand they with, if not to their demons — and their adults in evil: superiors said: I'm with you-in fact, we are contemptuous of believers — to them, I'm on the way, these veterans Al batinah and phenomenon, and afflicts disingenuous bad except his.

Said: {God persistently mocked them and those in their insolence, wandering blindly.} this sanction them, with their mockery, worship his mock them that they were the Zen of misery and malignant situation, even thought they had with the believers, not God's believers, highlights and his mockery of their doomsday, he gives them with believers Nora visible, if their brightness, believers walked by طفئ Noor hypocrites, and stayed in darkness after light bewildered, The greatest despair after greed, {' pain we with you say me but you tempted yourselves, you waited and you questioned} verse.

Said: {and glove}: {in their} add them: their unbelief, debauchery and {insolence, wandering blindly.}: basically, this confused from his mock their God.

Then Allaah said revealing the fact their:

{16} {those who bought the error to Huda what win their trade and who guided}

Of those, i.e.: the prescribed by those qualities of the hypocrites {who bought the error to Huda}: wish the error, the buyer wants the commodity, which is where the desire to make them precious prices. This is one of the best examples, he made the error, which is a very evil, as merchandise, and make the Enlightenment is a very good home price, made him desire the desire by the error Al Hoda, this trade, trade deal then how evil..!, their transaction and how bad..!

And if you make the interview a loser, how AED do gem and taken by DHS? "how to make the error, an enlightenment and chose misery to happiness, and desired he's a bastard things about her height?" what win trade, but lost the greatest loss. {Few losers who lose themselves and their home communities figure doomsday but the damage is shown}

And saying: {and they guided} realize their error, and they didn't get their guidance thing, these types of ugly.

Then he just has an end detection reagent:

{17.20} {Just as you start NARA as lit up around gold God their light and leaving them in darkness is being designed to understand blindness * not attributing * or as flowing northward from the sky in darkness lie and Flash make their fingers in their ears from the lightning death God warned around by the atheist * lightning almost kidnaps them whenever they lit the walkers and if they have even darker God went with hearing wabsarhm that God everything Kadeer}

IE: like them as they were matched as you start NARA: great, was in the dark and needed severe fire from the other, then started her not having prepared, but outside, the lit fire around, which is considered the shop, including fear and security, those fire 66,515, and decided by the sample, and thought that it is capable of it, while it is also, as gold God NooraHis light, gold, gold with pleasure, and remained in the great darkness and shot the Holocaust, one including the sunshine, and remained its burning, stayed in the darkness: the dark of night, and the dark clouds, rain, darkness and the darkness made after light, how is this described? So these hypocrites, they started shooting the faith of believers, not in them, so they used their blood, and she shot so and handed their money, and got them a kind of minimum security, while they, as they attacked, robbed them of death benefit so light, and got them all they had and torment, and got them to the Tomb, and the dark heresy blasphemy, heresy, hypocrisy and injustice, sins of various types, and then the dark fire [and how bad..!.]
This said glorified [them]: {Deaf}: hearing good {to} [any]: from pronunciation, {my} vision right, {they do not return} they left right after that knew him, don't return it, otherwise leave right out of ignorance and error, it is not unreasonable, and is the nearest back them.

Then Allaah said: {or flowing northward from the sky} means: or like them as flowing northward, i.e.: as the flowing northward from the sky, rain, Snipes, IE: lodging, {where darkness} dark of night, and the dark clouds, rain, darkness, {event} is the sound you hear from clouds, {and lightning} is light [brilliant] scenes with cloud.

{Whenever lighting them} lightning in these darks {walkers and if they have darker}: stood.

Thus if the hypocrites, if they have heard of the Koran and ordered and gatherings and promise and Houcine, made their fingers in their ears, and shown on command and be told and promise and Houcine, so grow them boida and disturbed by the return, they offer them through what they can, and they hate her because she hates the cross which he heard Thunder, and makes his fingers in his ears for fear of death, this enables him safety. And either the hypocrites I have integrity, their perimeter is glorified, ability and note they waste him nor do they defeat him, but saves them and punish them by their work, completed box.

Since they are afflicted with deafness, and dumb, and blind, they are moral ways faith, Allaah said: {If God went with hearing wabsarhm}: sensual, which warning them and intimidating worldly punishment, they warn, then they be restrained (from) some of their evil and their hypocrisy, {God everything Kadeer} it is incapable of doing anything, and of its ability that if something do not reluctant and exhibitions.

In this verse and bookbinding, responded to the fatalism that deeds are not included in the capacity of Allaah, because their actions among things involved in saying: {God everything Kadeer}

{21-22} {Oh dear people worship mercy which created you and who you fountain * you make Earth bed and sky building and water it down from the sky of fruitful one out you don't make a couple of his peers you know}

This is in all people, by order of, a University worship, God's orders to avoid compliance, gatherings, and certification experience, they come to him, he created them: {and created Jinn and humans not to adore it}

Then show that worship alone, that mercy which taught you blessings varieties, created you after scratch, creating who you, and blessed you with graces phenomenon and Al batinah, making you the ground they set out, and they use other bedding in buildings, agriculture, tillage, and behavior of the subject to replace, and other kinds of utilization, and make the sky building, where they caught you and what is benefits of your requirements and your needs, as the Sun, moon, and stars.

{Took down from the sky water} and sky: [is] everything OLA your on is heaven and this is said to be in heaven explainers: here: skyscraper, wrought from water, glorified {it drove its most fruitful one} as grains, fruits, Palm, and fruits, [and plantings] and other {couple you} do they make a living, wetkoton and your wetvkhon.

{You cannot make God equals}: attach and counterparts from the created being, they worship them as they worship God, and they love them as they love God, human beings, they like you, successful managers, don't have a whit in Heaven nor in Earth, nor do they benefit you not, {you know} that Allah has no partner, and Nazir, in creation, livelihood, and measure, and to worship him, how they worship other gods with your information? This impressed the stupidity is astounding, and regret.

This verse brought together to worship God alone, and discourage worship what else, and a brilliant Guide to worship, and the invalidity of the cult of the other, it [was] standardization deism, containing his isolation by creating livelihood and measure, if each one seat that does not have a partner in this, so let us not argue that [God] has no partner in worship, and the clearest evidence of mental illness on the oneness of Bari, and invalidity of shirk.

And the Almighty: {fountain}: you may be concerned if you worshiped God, thus you avoided indignation and their torment, because you have come to reason, therefore, motivation, and likely to be concerned: that if you worshiped God, you get to from mutaqin described piety, and both involved, which go hand in hand, it came to worship perfect, was mutaqin, was mutaqin, got him to escape from the torment of Allah and his indignation. Then Allaah said:

{23-24} {If you're in doubt which went down on the Al-hob paved us from Idol and claiming your witnesses without God that ye honest * do not do and won't do keep your duty to Allaah fire that fuel people and stones prepared the atheist}
This is an indication of mental illness the sincerity of the Prophet, and the health, said: {and ye} LCA the relentless Messenger, the Explorer, call the contending lie in doubt and suspicion, which settled on paved us, is it right or other? It is hereby ordered half of its alviselh you, and it is that human beings like you, not to express you or inform you, as you know since arisen among you, do not write nor read, they leave behind you a book allegedly from God, and you said you had to say and speak evil of him, it is as you say, it came to Al-like, use of, appreciate your help and your witnesses it, this is walking out, especially as you folks eloquently and rhetoric, And the great enmity of Messenger, you came to Sura of ideals, it is as you said, but did not come with the Sura of the Idol and you disabled until the deficit, and will come with the Sura from others like it, but this assessment in equity waltnzl with you, this is great, and no clear evidence [clear] to charity and sincerity of its, you have to follow, and prevention of fire in the great heat [distress], that was fueled by the people and stones, Not as a minimum but a smouldering fire firewood, these fire described the atheist God designed, adapted and Apostles. So beware of blasphemy goodwill, after showing you that the Messenger of God.

This verse, so call it challenge, which verses to emasculate creatures that come with such a Koran, said glorified {say while met humans and Jinn would come with such the Koran did not come to like it if each other having}

How is the beast from the dust, that his speech as Lord of Lords? Or how poor of all estimated missing faces, that comes with Word as the full word, which is perfection, and wide each rich faces? This is not possible, nor in the human capacity, and the slightest taste and know [types of] speech, if the weight of this Qur'aan other word alblghaa, a great difference.

And in saying: {and you are in doubt} etc, proof that you please him guidance from the error: [is] the uncertain Haer who didn't know right from delusion, that if the right is the conciliation should be sincerely request was right.

And either the stubborn who knows right and left, this re-entry, because he cannot leave right after the show, did not leave out of ignorance, not fiction.

As well as the uncertain but sincere in asking the right, but is not diligent in his gallery, this is often not tuned.

In describing the Apostle of slavery in this great place, proof that the greatest described the Prophet, his servitude, which are caused by one of the ancients and others.

As slavery in the denominator of israa: {Sobhan which prisoners by Abdou} and in the denominator of the bailout, said: {the blessed to Abdou Al-Furqan
And in saying: {prepared the atheist} and similar verses, a guide to the doctrine of Ahl al-Sunnah wa'l-Jamaa'ah, paradise and hell creatures, unlike the first, also, that combined and committed some sins not because they pay into the fire, said: {prepared the atheist} if [his universalist] where they pay, not only, unlike the unthankful crafted gang formations and outgoing.

And in a sign that torment due to its causes, and is a kaafir, and various kinds of sins.

{25} {Bisher who believe and do good to them have conducted beneath rivers jannat whenever a disadvantage from the fruit of this couple said that earning before and came by similar and where they are in perpetual disinfectant pairs}

Infidel kicks said, insurers, business folks kicks do good, fit in Qur'an combines Al-targheeb wa'l-tarheeb, as slave willing monks, scared Rajya said: {Bisher}: [Oh dear apostle who shall] {who believed} hearts {and good works} by their members, they believe their faith in their work.

She described the work well, because it exerts serve Nugget, conditions and other things religion and his world, and worldly life and disappears by walakhroet, about corruption cases, be so righteous, whose neighbouring Rahman in repairing to answer.

It is their gaiety {having jannat} IE: of University gardens, fruit trees, curiosities and stylish, and shadow long, [and the branches and twigs and so] ygten by became a paradise inside, and where its inhabitants enjoy.

{Place underneath rivers}: rivers water, milk, honey, wine, and how they like, and carcass who dismissed women where they wanted, and drink from those trees it grows fruit varieties.

{Whenever a disadvantage from the fruit of this couple said that earning by} i.e. this sex, recipe, all similar in Hassan lust of the flesh, no particular fruit, but not their time free of hedonism, understanding always enjoy the fruit.

And saying: {and came by similar}: similar in name, different baits and was similar in colour, different in name, and was mutually resembles, in Hassan, the lust of the flesh, and humor, and perhaps this true

Then, said their homes, livelihoods and food and drink and fruits, their spouses, as the fullest and its brief description, and set: {and they have pairs of disinfectant} no less "disinfectant of defect foo" to include all types of disinfection, they scoured ethics, refined manners, pure blowjob, pure vision, their characters, they they are loving towards Arabs to their creation, and Hassan eltabal Hassan, and verbal and physical, literature and pure has of menstruation and post-natal bleeding and semen, urine or stoolsAnd the snot, spit, and funk, disinfectants creation also, Kamal beauty, not including defect, and uglier creation, bounty, but are sterilized tongues and Hassan, party, their eye on their husbands, who are minors and minors their tongues for each foul Word.
In this verse, evangelist and promising, and promising, and the reason for this connector, then the missionary apostolate: is the Prophet and the place of his nation, and promising: insureds do good employees, and promising him: the heavens is the described those qualities, and the reason therefore, Mosul is the faith and good deeds, there is no way to access this apostolate, however, that the greatest Gospel holds, by the best of creation, The best reasons.

It is mustahabb to Gospel believers, and activate them to work with its fine [benefits], it eased and facilitate, the greatest human being holds, combination of faith and good deeds, the first of the Annunciation, after human when death, after reaching this bliss resident, we ask Allaah to make us of them.

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بارك الله فيك على المرور الراقي

يسلموووو يا الغلا

ودي وجنائن وردي


رد مع اقتباس
قديم 09-08-2016, 12:14 PM   #4
ملك الورد
مشرف عام

الصورة الرمزية ملك الورد
ملك الورد غير متواجد حالياً

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سلام من الله عليكم ورحمة من لدنه وبركاته
سـلال من الـودِّ .. بـلا حـدٍّ .. ولا عـدِّ

جزاكِ الله خير الجزاء
وشكراً لطـــرحكِ الهادف وإختياركِ القيّم

رزقكِ المولى الجنـــــــــــــة ونعيمها
وجعلـ ما كُتِبَ في موازين حســــناك
ورفع الله قدركِ في الدنيــا والآخــــرة وأجزل لكِ العطـــاء

لكِ تقديري وخالص دعواتي

مواضيع : ملك الورد

رد مع اقتباس
إضافة رد

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