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Interpretation of Sura Al-mursalat

Interpretation of Sura Al-mursalat The number of its marks 50 (1-50) A makeya {1-15} {Bismillah Rahman Rahim and correspondences, the storms blowing * custom and publishers published the differences

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Mmyaz Interpretation of Sura Al-mursalat

Interpretation of Sura Al-mursalat

The number of its marks 50 (1-50)
A makeya

{1-15} {Bismillah Rahman Rahim and correspondences, the storms blowing * custom and publishers published the differences make a difference, then the direct male * oops * or * warning but they promise to reality * if * if obliterated stars sky space * if * blew up mountains and if the Apostles akott * any day postponed * day chapter * and recognition on chapter * Weil then the disbelievers}

I swear the Almighty on Baath sanction, correspondences custom, the angels sent by God to fatalism and World Affairs, and with its affairs legitimacy and vivid to the Apostles.

And {custom} means any correspondences: posted by custom and wisdom and interest, not deniable encryption and tamper.

{Then the storms blowing} is [also] Angels sent by God as the initiative again, and speedy implementation of the orders, such as wind or stormy: the storms, high winds, which speeds up the forecast.

{And the publishers published} may have orchestrated the angels, published the bulletin, or skyscraper deploys by land, God prepared after death.

{Then the direct male} are angels received Ashraf commands, it is noteworthy that ruthless God by worshipping, and reminding the profits and interests, to the Apostles.

{Sorry or prophets}: excuses and gave people, warning people what their fears and cut their excuse, does not have an argument against God.

{But they promise} from Baath sanction for business {fact}: sure, no doubt and suspicion.

If the victim got change to the world and intense terrors annoying hearts, and with no distress, then be forgotten stars: litter and disappear on the location and shatter mountains, wallflower, and be like the dust is earth floor savsva, not considered awajah nor Nations, today is the day when the Apostles, akott and evacuated to judge between the Nations, and said:

{Any day postponed} question of exaltation and the honor-mongering.

Then responded by saying: {day chapter} [ie:] among the living creatures, each other, and each account individually, then vowed the disbeliever to this day: {Weil then the disbelievers}: Hey bemoan, suffering, and their stylistic, God told them, swear them, did not believe, eloquent punishment were earned.

{16-19} {Didn't perish first * and then we follow them as well as do others * criminals * Weil then the disbelievers}

Any: either the disbelievers, and then make mincemeat of us we pursue them with destruction of a lie than others, these previous and subsequent year in each offender must their torment, why don't you consider what you see and hear?

{Weil then the disbelievers} after seeing the evidence verses, penalties and almthlat.

{20-24} {We make you pain of humiliating water *, we have made our decision to the extent known McCain * is * able * appreciated it Yes and Weil then the disbelievers}

Any: either we made you Dear allow person-to-person transmission {water insulting}: extremely so base, emerged among the steel waltraeb, until God {in resolution McCain} is the womb, it settles and grows.

{Some unknown} and estimated time.

{It destiny} and we made it our destiny: the fetus, in these darks, taxi from above to alaqa, embryo, that God breathed into the body, and spirit, of whom die before then.

{It Yes able} [Meant himself Holy] where a measure of wisdom, OK to praise.

{Weil then the disbelievers} after them verses between God and see them lessons and evidence.

{25.28} {Didn't make the Earth as the FATA * ‎وامواتا * and made us alive with high water and we watered you Roissy Vrata * Weil then the disbelievers}

Any: either we gave you and we, on the ground to your interests, we use {as FATA} you.

{Revive} on role {and dead} in tombs, the role and limitations of Yes god worship and unfinished, as well as graves, mercy, and partitions them, the fact that their bodies are the Sevens and others.

{And making them Roissy}: mountainous land, lest establishes temid with her family, have installed God headers and the high mountain: long high, {and we watered you water Vrata}: tortured albumin, said: {have water that they drink aantm you deposed him from the reveal if Al muzn or we create we have made our agaga without meaning}

{Weil then the disbelievers} with the blessings of God see singular God, bestow upon them, met with her in the disclaimer.

{29-34} {Drove off to what you are doing they deny * drove off to shadow a three-pronged * no shading and sing of flame * intended * as human as the Palace beauty zero * Weil then the disbelievers}

This plague, which had been prepared for the disbelievers [criminals], that they are on the day of Resurrection: {drove off to what you are doing they deny} then he explained: {drove off to shadow a three-pronged}: to shadow, which differentiated hell in which three divisions namely: pieces of fire: ttaaorh and doubting him and meet him.

{Shading} so any shadow: no rest and tranquillity, {nor sing} stayed where {fireball} but flame took him right and happy and from each side, also said: {them above the marquees of the fire and beneath them a shade}

{Their hell mulch and above guash and doers oppressors}

Then he shot sparks bone, bones and unimaginable scale and horror registering poor defacing said:

{They designed as minors as human beauty zero} is the black color is zero, this indicates that dark fire, its flames and its firebrands and its spark (s) and black, smelly almoray, heat, ask God wellness [closeup work thereof].

{Weil then the disbelievers}

{35-40} {This day do not speak * permission * they apologize, they will then present on the disbelievers * chapter first and we held you *, you kid fkidon * Weil then the disbelievers}

IE: this is a great day on the disbelievers, not speak from fear and the fear, {not authorized, they apologize}: don't accept their excuse, though their apologies: {so then does not benefit those who wronged their pardon, nor are they appease}

{This chapter first and we held you day} we decide here, and judge among the living creatures, {if you kid} appreciate out of Royal pains, and they deliver (from) from {fkidon}: not you ability in Sultan, also said: {Hey ãúôñ Jinn and humans that you can call from diameters of heaven and Earth will pass through not only the Sultan you}

On that day, tricks their cunning and their cunning oppressors, I, and surrender to God's torment, and shows them to avoid in their denial {Weil then the disbelievers}

{41-45} {That are pious in shades and eyes * tempted * eat fruit, toast and congratulate to you do * I * benefactors doers will then the disbelievers}

The disbelievers penalty said, the reward for philanthropists, said: {the mutaqin} [i.e.] the denial, violent ratification in their words and deeds and actions, and are also not with the performance of duties, leaving the taboo.

{In shades} many diverse trees, brightly gorgeous. {Eyes} going from alslsbel, and the nectar and other, {and fruits which tempted} IE: of fruit and its good option, and said to them: {eat and drink} fed the appetite, religions and delicious {congratulate} IE: of non-disturbing not dampening its happiness, not even deliver food and drink from every scourge of lack, and so they decide that uninterrupted and fleeting, {what ye do}, your connector you are caused to this bliss, and thus every resident of the best in worshipping God and to God, and Abad said: {I also improved Weil then we replace the disbelievers} if them this plague but lost this bliss, the vulnerable and to stop the damage.

{46-50} {Eat and enjoyed a little you Wille then criminals * * if the disbelievers said to their bow (down) not a bow * Weil then the disbelievers * what several Hadith believe}

This threat, and the disbelievers, and they ate and drank in the lower and enjoyed the pleasures, and they forgot about the skins, they are criminals, deserve what criminals it deserves, will be cut off from the pleasures, and keep them responsibility, criminal suspects that if ordered to prayer which is supervised worship and told them: {bow (down)} declined.

Faye Bagram over this? A disbelieving than this? "

{Weil then the disbelievers} and plague them they become them sections of conciliation, and denied all the best, if they lied that the Koran, which is the highest truth and certainty at all.

{What several Hadith believe} abalbatal which is, as its name, it does not therefore compromised as well as directory? Or each word liar liar Gentile indicated?.

It is only after the light reflected, nor diagi darks after honesty by evidence and proofs to charity but lying outright and lie described, which is only befitting of convenience.

What he heck with it! Woiha with akhsrhm and their distress!

We ask Allaah to pardon and wellness [that Jawad had been cream.].

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