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Interpretation of Sura Al-nazi'at

Interpretation of Sura Al-nazi'at The number of its lessons 46 (No 1-46) A makeya {1.14} {Bismillah Rahman Rahim walnasaat drowned * active * activists * and the swimmer they

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Mmyaz Interpretation of Sura Al-nazi'at

Interpretation of Sura Al-nazi'at

The number of its lessons 46 (No 1-46)
A makeya

{1.14} {Bismillah Rahman Rahim walnasaat drowned * active * activists * and the swimmer they praised preceding * then the run is former * on * second Quake followed by Trump * hearts and then take his dry * such * say aaena for returns in the Carnival * aaeza we will say that if Rive by * losing *, but football is home one * if are watchful}

This alaksamat in the angels honored, and their function on their obedience, God's perfection and rallied quickly to implement the command, it is likely to set off against the apportionment, Baath, retribution and produce evidence after resurrection conditions, likely to be chunked and chunked it are United, and he swore to Angels, because their faith is one of the six pillars of faith, and because of their actions here what the angels contains penalty when death and before and after,: {Walnasaat drowned} are the angels that tend strongly lives and plunging in disarmament even graduated from spirit, penalized by their work.

{And activists actively} they also attract angels of life and activity, or being the lives of believers, and active lives of infidels.

{And the swimmer}: attending air up and down {they praised}

{, Ex} for {something} it others do is God, and precede the Devils in the delivery of revelation to the messengers of God so introspective character.

{Then the savings are} the angels, who are all God afford many things the world top and bottom, rain, and vegetation, trees, wind, and seas, embryos, animals, and heaven, and Hell [etc].

{Day shake Trump} is the hour, {followed by second}: other flicker and they followed her, follow her come {hearts then and its dry}: mogfh and upset over the severity of what you see and hear.

{Take such} any base, had humiliated: King of hearts of fear, panic, and their hearts startled when they lament [capturing] sighed.

Say no: infidels in minimum in the Disclaimer: {aaeza we will Rive by}: minimal machinery.

{Said that if a ball is lost}: excluded that God move them and pull them after they were great Rive by, ignorance [them] the ability of God, and they ventured out.

God said in a statement easily that: {it is home one} puffed in pictures.

If all the living creatures {watchful} i.e. on Earth, a look, with God and spend them wisely justice and punish them.

{15.26} {Do modern Moses * as ATAC called Rabbo Valley Bible foldable * go to Pharaoh that overwhelmed * tell you you that indents * and I direct you to your Lord fears * great * Farah verse sticks * then it lied had sought * then pressing club * said * Anna Supreme mercy, taking God shall hereafter and I * that's a lesson for feared}

Say [God] Almighty intelligence Muhammad PBUH: {do ATTAC modern Moses} this question about is great Verifier.

Any: ATAC modern {since called Rabbo Valley Bible foldable} and is airing the word of God, the stronger the message, and assign to him by revelation walagtbaa him {go to Pharaoh that overwhelmed} i.e.: end from his oppression, and obedience, according to Lin, and his cute, perhaps {remembers or feared}

{Tell}: {are you to recommend}: are you in good maintained, beautiful mhamdh, Ulu kernels competed that commends yourself and refine her from the immaculate conception of blasphemy and tyranny, to faith and good deeds?

{And I direct you to your Lord} any: I rub it and indicate you consent sites, sites of indignation. {Fears} Allah if I learned Al-mustaqeem, Pharaoh, which abstained in the advocates of a muse.

{Great verse Farah} any great verse: sex, contrary to multiple {he was disobedient if is snake shown his hand if disarmament is the white indifferent}

{It lied} right {sticks}, {then had sought} i.e. strives in the duel right and fought, {then pressing} soldiers: stitch {club said}: {Supreme mercy I}, conceded to him and recognized the void while despised them, {, taking God shall hereafter and 1} any sentence became a guide and check:, reflective of the minimum penalty, afterlife, {that's a lesson for anyone afraid}, feared God benefit from verses, lessons, if the Pharaoh penalty, knew that each of the bigger sticks, and prominent upper King, consequence and in the hereafter, and either trhalt for fear of God From his heart, FLO gave each any did not believe [them].

{27.33} {Aantm most created or built sky * lift thickness, other * waghtsh 3afeestna * built overnight and took out the Earth then drove them dhaha * its water and its pasture and mountains set * package you welanaamcm}

Allaah says, showing clear evidence of the Baath and unlikely to deniers of God bodies: {aantm} which humans {most created or Sky} great jeopardy, and strong character, remarkable height {built} Allah.

{Lift thickness}: trickery and image, {and others} terms of mastering Boggle the minds, and amazing kernels, {waghtsh 3afeestna} any: its gloom, darkness [all] swept across the sky, darker Earth, {and eject built overnight}: great light, which showed when I come to the Sun, people spread in the interests of religion and Government.

{And land subsequently} IE: after creating the sky {dhaha} i.e.: where benefits deposited.

He explained: {removed therefrom its water and its Prairie and mountains set}: fixed into the ground. Vdhai land after the creation of heaven, as is the text of these verses [gem]. And either create the same ground, advanced on creating Heaven also said: {say they hide in aaenkm who created the Earth in two days} said: {the level then they sky smoke told her to earth come voluntarily or involuntarily have come good consumers}, who created the heavens bone and its lights and criminality, and land-intensive Dust Bowl, including necessities of creationism and immigrants, must inspire the creation mandate-holders, reward them for their actions, it is best it is Allah and ylomn not abused but himself, and this was after this do Retribution, said:
{34-41} {If the insult came on human * sought * remembers and figured hell to see * either of the following life overshadowed * minimum * the hell is shelter, either from the secret shrine Rabbo and Noha restraint on Hui fan heaven is accommodation}
IE: If the great resurrection came, and great distress, which underestimates the then firmly, then amazing father of his son, and her sidekick [every lover of Habiba]. And {human remembers what sought} in minimum, good and evil, hopes increase whit in the weghama and its attractions, grieves for increased whit the disadvantages.

Then knows that his profit and its loss as messengers, interrupted every reason and link were only minimum.

{And figured hell to see}: made in the stool, the phenomenon of every one, has emerged the meeqat, and prepared to take them, waiting is headed.

{Either from overwhelmed}: exceeds the limit, that dared to Sin adults, not only on what basis God.

{The following life} for afterlife, become his quest, and time consuming in their chances and its desires, and forgot about afterlife and leave work. {The hell is the accommodation} [A] any: headquarters and housing for this case, {from secret shrine Rabbo} i.e.: secret to sanction him for Justice, the impact of this fear in his heart, the same desires that forbade are constrained by their obedience to God, and became an amateur according to the Apostle, and laboured Hui lust hunters or for goodness, {the Paradise} [containing all the best and happy and Naim] {is shelter} for this recipe.

{42-46} {Ask you on her mooring * pm Ian Wim you anniversary * to * but you glorify the culmination of the feared * as Munther tomorrow if they stay in Eve or not built overnight}

Any: the disbelievers in the rigid asks Baath {hour} when they occur and {Ian her anchorage} he said to God, saying: {Wim you anniversary}: what interest you and them in the mentioned and see when it came? It is under as a result, for this as encyclopedic knowledge of the hour without the benefit of religious and secular, but interest in his disappearance, this flag on all phases of creation, and attracted attention: {to glorify the conclusion}: it ends its flag, as in other verse: {ask you on her mooring say pm Ian but when the flag is not the time to finish her crappy but is be encumbered in the heavens and the earth not only UAE suddenly ask you if you say them but their Supreme God, but most people don't know}. {But you Munther from feared}: but nzaartk [useful] than feared the advent of the hour, and afraid stand between his hands, they are only interested in her and work readiness. And either did not believe, and not bother with intransigence, because intransigence is built on the denial and stubborn, and if this case arrived, was answered in vain, deem far above his wise [were] thank God the Lord of the worlds.

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